• Beyond Closet: Dressing Wall Ideas

    Closet isn’t always an available option but it doesn’t mean you cannot have a stylish wardrobe or even a dressing room. Dressing Wall Ideas

  • Get Style Points With These Closet Door Ideas

    Closet doors are about function but you can also make them prettier in order to enhance your interior. Closet Door Ideas

  • Small Scandinavian-Style Apartment in Sweden

    Small apartments require careful and smart planning while Scandinavian style is perfect for small spaces. Small Apartment in Sweden

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  • Glass Walk-In Closet Ideas

    A glass walk-in closet can be an amazing addition to a spacious modern bedroom. Walk-In Closet Ideas

  • Spring Cleaning To-Do List

    If you still haven’t gotten to Spring cleaning you might want to make a to-do list to mentally prepare for it and tackle your big cleaning one task at a time. Cleaning To-Do List

  • Amazing London Closet Flat

    Somewhere in London there is a tiny closet flat, that is smaller than a snooker table. This amazing apartment is now on sale for 200 000 £, which is 35 000 £ than the average flat in London. London Closet Flat

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  • How To Use Closet Space

    Closet is a popular storage space that’s used as a wardrobe or simply a storage. But there are more uses for closet. Various Uses For Closet

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  • How To Organize Closet

    Organization saves up space and allows keep things and clutter under control. Closet organization requires planning and sorting. Tips To Organize Closet

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  • Lady Gaga’s California Mansion

    Lady Gaga rents Bel Air mansion to stay at while in California. 6,143 square-foot Beverly Hills mansion with a huge pool and jacuzzi tub costs her $25,000 a month. Check out Lady Gaga’s California Mansion

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