• Legendary Basket Chair Released

    In 1950, Nanna and Jorgen Dietzel designed a wicker chair called Basket Chair, which brought a lot of international awards to its creators. Learn more about the chair and its designers

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  • 5 Iconic Furniture Items of 20’s

    Modernism has redefined our conception about interior and made its excessive contribution to the development of interior design. Modern interior has long been considered a new classic. Items in this style were ahead of their time See five furniture designs in modernism style

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  • Fancy Chairs Reminiscent of Other Objects

    Chair is a compulsory subject in almost any interior. But it should not necessarily look like a chair. The main thing is that it was comfortable to sit in. See three unusual chairs

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  • 5 Famous Designer Chairs

    What is a chair? This is a subject that accompanies us in life, without exaggeration, every day. The chair, in contrast to the armchair, has solid back and seat. That is why this piece of furniture should be as comfortable as possible See 5 most famouse chair designs

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  • “Layered” Furniture Collection

    While studying at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Dirk Vander Coy made up his own 3D-printer, an industrial robot, which recycles plastic according to drawings and prints furniture and home furnishings. See creative furniture and home accesories by Dirk Vander Coy

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  • Random8 Chair

    In childhood, many of us have enjoyed playing in the sun with shards of glass – colored shadows excited our imagination. Random8 Chair created by employees of the French design studio Pitaya Design returns you to this simple entertainment. See the amazing chair with colorful shadows

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  • Luft Chair by Volkswagen and Audi Designers

    Chief designer of the Volkswagen Group, Walter Maria De Silva and Audi Concept Design in Munich, together with Italian furniture manufacturer Poltrona Frau designed Luft chair. See the luxury Luft chair design

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  • Allusions on Vienna Chair

    Parisian Pablo Reinoso is a connoisseur of fine furniture. He created his first chair when he was seven years old. Over the years, the passion was not extinguished. See creative art installation by Pablo Reinoso

  • Traveling to Wildlife from Moissonnier

    French manufacturer of vintage furniture and interior Moissonnier showed its new collection at the Maison & Objet exhibition, held at the end of January in Paris. See amazing hand-painted furniture by Moissonnier

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  • Tailored Furniture by Färg & Blanche

    Swedish-French duo of designers Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche presented a collection of furniture Färg & Blanche at the Stockholm exhibition. The designers used a unique technology called Wood Tailoring See unique sewn furniture

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  • Newly-Designed Products from Ligne Roset

    There are three major exhibitions in the field of furniture design and interior decoration in Europe at the beginning of each winter See new furniture items presented by Ligne Roset at the winter fairs

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  • Maison & Objet 2014 Highlights

    By tradition, the end of January in Paris turned into a Mecca for designers, decorators, architects, interior shops owners, connoisseurs and fans of design. Major furniture brands presented their new products and items at the Maison & Objet 2014. See most vivid items, showed at the exhibition

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  • Recycled Chairs Made of Shingles

    Recycling is extremely popular in the design environment and it is important for conservation of natural resources. Therefore, designs made from waste are welcomed at design exhibitions.  See chairs made of defective shingles by Japanese designer

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  • Furniture Marbling

    In the search for new solutions to old furniture decor you can always get inspired by different examples from designers. South Korean company Metafaux Design released a collection of swivel chairs made in the original technique of marbling, which can be used at home. See how to use the marbling technique

  • Computer Chair Designs

    Since the times, when bulky computing devices have become more or less compact personal computers, they have become versatile working tool for millions of users. Now every office has computers or laptops. See the features of the modern computer chairs

  • Butake Pixel Chair

    If you stand in front of the Butake chair, it may seem as if it is composed of pixels. Yes, there is the impact of the digital age, the forms of which are increasingly used in the design. See amazing pixel chair by Mexican designer

  • Furniture Pets by Designer-Producer

    Young German designer Hanna Emelie Ernsting began selling her own collection of chairs called Petstools. She has founded a company that manufactured Petstools chairs from her sketches after a negative experience with one of the manufacturers of furniture. See the designer’s first own collection

  • Ghost Chairs by Drift Studio

    Just by an accident we discovered that Halloween is at its closest. Most of our interiorholics have already decorated their interiors with all Halloween attributes. And Drift Studio introduces Halloween theme into design. How to jail a ghost into a chair.

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  • Uni GoSleep Chair by Short Rest Solution Oy

    Uni GoSleep is a chair that which converts into a private flat bed. International airport of Abu Dhabi already got the first 35 items of this furniture made by Short Rest Solution Oy. Sleeping capsule Uni GoSleep

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