• Night Sky In Your Bedroom

    A night sky full of stars is a sight to admire but it’s rarely possible to see it especially in busy cities full of smog. Starry Ceiling In Your Bedroom

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  • Spectacular Finishing Material for All Surfaces

    Designers from the Israeli Decotal company have created a unique and unparalleled material – ultra-thin tiles. However, this is not exactly a tile, but rather a cross between the tiles and wallpaper. Its components are metal and stone See the amazing Decotal tiles

  • Changing Interior Design Using Magnetic Wallpaper

    As you know, wall decorating can fundamentally change the interior design. But wall decoration is a too time-consuming and costly process. You can not use it often. See how to change interior design in easy ways

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  • Playing with Light Through Stained Glass

    Pictures or windows of stained glass can transform any interior, making it look unique, elegant and unforgettable. Glowing works of art give the old boring decor new shades of sound See awesome examples of using stained glass in home interior

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  • Architecture Imitates Nature: Taichung City Cultural Center

    Nature and architecture have often been mixed together in a very special way. People used to build homes inside the mountains and the ground. Besides we use many natural resources still to build homes. When Nature Becomes Architecture

  • Ceiling Decor: Rhombus System By The Fundamental Group

    Ceiling may often feel empty and bland especially if there is no molding and structural design. Rhombus Tiles System For Ceiling Decor

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  • 20 Cool Ceiling Designs

    Ceiling design is one of those things that can instantly make the interior look more interesting and detailed. And there are various ways of decorating the ceiling. Cool Ceiling Designs

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  • How To Make Low Ceiling Look Higher

    High ceiling make the room appear more open and it gives the interior this grand atmosphere. But even if the ceiling is low or average with the help of a few tricks it can look higher than it really is. Tips To Make Ceiling Appear Higher

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  • Choosing Paint Color For Ceiling

    A ceiling doesn’t have to be plain white per usual. Paint is the cheapest ceiling decor. How to Add Color To Decor With Painted Ceiling

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  • How to Freshen Up Home Architecture

    Architectural details can add special appeal to a home prompting more ideas for interior and exterior decorating. How to Jazz Up Home with Architectural Details

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  • Bright Idea: Ceiling Remodeling Tips

    Remodeling your ceiling can be a bright idea. It will not only give your room a spark, it might also hide imperfections and other problems. Brightest Ideas are here: Ceiling Remodeling Tips

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  • New Dimensions: 3D Wall Decorations

    3D wall decorations you are going to see were created by a young design-studio 3DWalldecor that specialize in dimensional wall decor. 3D in Interior Design: More about Dimensional Wall Decorations

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  • Drew Barrymore’s New Mansion

    Drew Barrymore has bought a new mansion in Santa Barbara for $7 million. Check out Drew Barrymore’s New Mansion

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