• How to Store Clothes Without Closet

    Modern closets are not only stylish in their appearance, but also have a good storage capacity. But what if you do not have one? In this article you will find some interesting alternatives of storing clothes and shoes without furniture. See six closet alternatives

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  • Goldee Home Lighting Control

    In the wake of the universal passion for “smart houses” the Goldee company has invented an intelligent home lighting control system called Goldee. See how the smart home lighting control works

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  • Creative and Inexpensive Office Interior in Romania

    If you are thinking about starting your expanding business you are faced with the task of finding a new office. What will it be? How will your employees feel at work? See how to design a creative office interior on budget

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  • How to Design Music Studio on Budget

    Are you fond of music and live in a block flat? Do mad neighbors knock on your door hundred times a day complaining that their small child can’t sleep or they can’t hear TV because of all your music-making? Just try these tricks to turn your room into a music studio on a budget to continue your music sessions without any trouble. Tips on organizing a music studio

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  • Loïc Picquet Architecte: Extension C

    An old small house in the town of St. Louise, Alsace, Eastern France has been given new life by architects from Loïc Picquet Architecte. As usual, their creativity together with professionalism lead to amazing solutions for quite common problem – lack of space. Small country house extention.

  • Tricks for Fast and Cheap Renovation

    Here is your good old house, looking too familiar. But it still too long before your bank savings allow you to buy a brand new furniture set and to make total renovation of your interior. Though, there is a splendid way to give old things a new look. New interior for less money

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  • How to Organize Small Laundry Room with Tall Ceiling?

    One of our readers wrote us about problems concerning a small laundry room with a tall ceiling and asked us to help with ideas on how to organize it. Tips to organize a small laundry room with tall ceilings

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  • Six Ideas for DIY Planters

    Did you ever notice that sometimes you observe a new place and it seems like it was decorated by rules, but it doesn’t feel cozy? This problem could be solved by adding a couple of homeplants to the uncomfortable space.

    Ideas for DIY Houseplants

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  • How To Decorate Outdoors On Budget

    There are so many ways to decorate your outdoors from incredible tile work to breathtaking landcape. Decorate Outdoors On Budget

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  • Budget Makeover Ideas For Home

    Every interior might need a makeover once in a while. If you follow trends or update your decor according to season you might wonder about some budget-friendly ideas on how to update your home. Budget Makeover Ideas

  • Balcony Decor On Budget

    A budget balcony can be designed with minimum materials. Throw new slipcovers on the old chairs and voila the seats are ready. Balcony On Budget

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  • Coastal Interior Design On Budget

    Coastal decor is beautiful and relaxing and it can be easily created on a budget. Coastal Decor On Budget

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  • Vintage Bedroom On Budget

    Vintage bedroom can be easily created on a budget using old furniture and vintage finds. Budget-Friendly Vintage Living Room

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  • Outdoor Lounge Area Design Ideas On Budget

    Outdoor lounge area is a great gathering place. In the garden, beside the pool, or in the back yard the lounge area allows enjoying fresh air while eating or resting. Budget Outdoor Lounge Area Designs

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  • How to Create Futuristic Decor On Budget

    Futuristic interior design relies heavily on the home architecture. Rounded doorways, walls, asymmetric angles should be planned before the construction. Futuristic Decor On Budget

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  • Freshen Up Dining Room Design

    It’s not difficult to freshen up a dining room on a budget. A different wall paint color or some other details may change the look of the room in a big way. Freshen Up Dining Room Design on a Budget

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  • Christmas Decorations on Budget

    Christmas is money-consuming time so decorations may be the first thing people want to cut back on. But if you still want a new Christmas decor it is not impossible. Christmas Decorations on Budget

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  • Stylish Dining Room On Budget

    Stylish dining room is not necessarily an expensive one. Budget decor and design can be stylish too. Stylish Budget-Wise Dining Room Design Ideas

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  • Building Flower Bed on Budget

    You need few tools to build a flower bed. It comes in handy when your budget is limited and you want a beautiful lawns with colorful splashes here and there. How to Build a Flower Bed on Budget

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