• Pantone Color Of 2015, Marsala In Interior Design

    Pantone has announced the color of 2015. A wine red tint is going to rule over fashion and interior design this coming year. Marsala In Interior Design

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  • Gymnasium Apartment In New York

    Gymnasium Apartment. The name is not accidental as it is located in an actual former gymnasium of Beaux Arts Police Headquarters Building. Apartment Made in Gymnasium

  • Brown Interior Designs

    Brown is a great color for decorating. It can be stylish and elegant and match with many other colors. Brown Color Schemes For Interior Decorating

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  • Dark Stylish Living Room Design Ideas

    A living room doesn’t always have to be designed all in pastels and neutrals. If your tastes lie within the darker color palettes go for a dark stylish living room. Cool Dark & Stylish Living Rooms

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  • Art Nouveau Decorating Style

    Art Nouveau decorating style started to emerge in 1890s with the Arts & Crafts movement. Very artistic and sinuous it derived its motifs from nature and arts. Art of Nature: Art Nouveau Decorating Style

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  • Tuscan Decorating Style

    Tuscan decorating style is warm and nature-inspired. Warm color schemes and rustic design elements are the key features of this style. Warm and Natural: Tuscan Decorating Style

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