• 4 Styles for Loft Design

    Signs of a classic industrial loft are massiveness and a rough look. Another special feature of the loft style is the presence of “manufacture details”. Remains of factory machinery, metal stairs and exposed pipes play a role of art objects and designers tend to put them on display rather than hiding them. See four stunning loft designs

  • Madrid Apartment: Fusion of Styles

    If you can’t decide on any particular decorating style for your interior, one of the options might be the fusion of styles! Tiny Madrid Flat

  • Bohemian Living Room Design Ideas

    Want to create a relaxed but colorful and chic living room? Boho style can be just right for it. Bohemian Living Room Ideas

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  • Bohemian Bedroom Design Ideas

    What can be more dreamy than a bohemian bedroom? Layers and textures play with colors and patterns creating an amazing mix of interesting elements. Bohemian Bedroom Designs

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