• Bedroom in Indian Style

    Bedroom interior, radically different from the overall situation is able to switch all the body systems to other rhythms. We are very dependent on what our eyes see, our ears hear and our skin feel. See how to decorate your bedroom in Indian style

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  • Amazing Furniture Collection of Suitcases

    You will be surprised to find out how helpful suitcases, briefcases and backpacks can be in the interior. Fortunately, while we think of what to do with an old travel bag, designers constantly pushing the horizons of everyday world See unusual furniture collection

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  • Metal Furniture in Interior Design

    We mostly use wood furniture for interior decoration. It is a versatile option that can make any room feel cozier. However, considering the projects by contemporary designers, you will notice that they often create their designs adding metallic elements See metal furniture in modern interiors

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  • Bed Linens in Tie-Dye style

    Tie-dye method mistakenly referred to America 60s, but in fact, the history of the art of tie-dyeing begins in the VI century on the banks of India, Japan and Africa. Gradually, bright and simple tie-dye patterns became popular and fashionable worldwide. See how to paint bed linens in tie-dye technique

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  • How to Decorate Bedside Zone

    Bedroom area is one of the most interesting areas for decorating. This place is quite secluded, even intimate. It should be relaxing and comfortable. In this article we will discuss how to arrange the bedside zone properly. See the elements of bedside zone decor

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  • Elastic Living: Six Rooms in One

    This year Clei company that is known for its original models of transforming furniture celebrates its 50th anniversary. The anniversary was marked by creation of original designs – Elastic Living, a new system of organization of living space Check out how to fit six rooms in one

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  • Bedroom Interior Design in Arabian Style

    The main features of Arabian style are stone floor, arches, stucco walls, carpets and drapes, heavy carved furniture and household items that are typical for Islamic countries. See amazing oriental designs for small bedrooms

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  • Interior in Bentley Style

    Car brands are gradually taking over the world of design. A legendary automobile company Bentley signed a partnership with a manufacturer of luxury furniture Club House Italia and the architect Carlo Columbo to create its own collection – Bentley Home Collection. See photos of luxury furniture collection by Bentley

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  • Madrid Apartment: Fusion of Styles

    If you can’t decide on any particular decorating style for your interior, one of the options might be the fusion of styles! Tiny Madrid Flat

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  • Living Partitions In Interior Design by Egue & Seta

    Designing an apartment in Spain Egue & Seta created a pair of incredible living partitions to divide different areas. Living Partitions In Interior Design

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  • 25 Amazing Bedroom Designs

    Bedroom is a private area in the house but it might be as impressive as all the others. Amazing Bedroom Design Ideas

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  • 5 Ideas To Update Your Bedroom Design

    There are quite a few ways to updating your bedroom design. Update Your Bedroom Design

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  • 25 Dream Bedroom Designs

    A dream bedroom design can be created with as much as a good quality comfy bed. Dream Bedroom Designs

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  • Minimally Furnished Bedroom Design Ideas

    Sometimes the bedroom is just too small to house all the furnishings. Another times there isn’t much to furnish it with but it doesn’t mean a minimally furnished bedroom can’t be stylish. Simply Minimalist: Bedroom Design Ideas

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  • Creative And Artistic Headboards

    Creative and artsy headboard is a great way to add drama and focal point to the bedroom. Artsy Headboard Designs

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  • How To Introduce Wardrobe Into Bedroom Design

    Small bedroom is not exactly storage-friendly so here we share some ideas on how to introduce wardrobe into bedroom design. Wardrobe In Bedroom Design

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  • Interesting Bedroom Benches And Their Alternatives

    A bedroom bench is mostly a decorative furniture item but it can be quite functional too. Bedroom Benches And Their Alternatives

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  • Bohemian Bedroom Design Ideas

    What can be more dreamy than a bohemian bedroom? Layers and textures play with colors and patterns creating an amazing mix of interesting elements. Bohemian Bedroom Designs

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  • Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas

    Scandinavian bedrooms are airy and minimalist. To design a Scandinavian style room keep in mind a few key features of the style such as neutral colors, simplicity of form, and affordability of furnishings. Scandinavian Style Bedrooms

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