• Bed Footboard Decor Ideas

    In order to emphasize a sleeping area in the bedroom, many are trying to decorate most effectively the headboard of their bed, while leaving its footboard without proper attention. Why should we draw attention to the footboard decoration? See three footboard decoration solutions

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  • How to Decorate Bedside Zone

    Bedroom area is one of the most interesting areas for decorating. This place is quite secluded, even intimate. It should be relaxing and comfortable. In this article we will discuss how to arrange the bedside zone properly. Elements of bedside zone decor

  • Interior in Bentley Style

    Car brands are gradually taking over the world of design. A legendary automobile company Bentley signed a partnership with a manufacturer of luxury furniture Club House Italia and the architect Carlo Columbo to create its own collection – Bentley Home Collection. See photos of luxury furniture collection by Bentley

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  • Rollaway Bed for Two by Daniel Jauslin

    In the beginning Daniel Jaustin didn’t plan to start the production of the bed, but after winning the ID magazine’s furniture design award he changed his mind.  Transformer Bed For Single or For Two

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  • Eva’s Bed by h2o Architects

    This bed is everything you need if you are waiting for your second child and living in a small apartment. Furniture for Two Children in a Small Flat

  • Pros & Cons Of Platform Beds

    Platform beds are quite popular especially in Europe. They are modern, sleek and can also be storage-friendly. All About Platform Beds

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  • Perfect Arrangement: Bedroom Layout Ideas

    There are many creative solutions when it comes to bedroom layout. Perfect Bedroom Layout

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  • Clean & Maintain: Mattress

    Cleaning a mattress can be such a daunting task but in order to maintain a good condition of your mattress for a long time cleaning should be regular. Tips On Cleaning Mattress

  • Space-Saving Ideas: Transformer Apartments

    ‘Transformer’ apartments have become quate popular latetly as they allow having more areas in one room. Transformer Apartments Make More Room(s)

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  • Designing Multifunctional Bedroom

    A multifunctional bedroom is a must in a small-spaced home. Sometimes we have to cram more functions into one room so eventually the bedroom might have to double as a home office or a gym. Tips On Creating Multifunctional Bedroom

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  • Privacy-Increasing Designs

    Wether at the office or the airport we sometimes just want to shut off from the world around us and be alone. Privacy designs created specifically for that purpose can give you just the feeling you need. (more…)

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  • 15 Ways Of Using Pallets In Home Decor

    There are many creative ways of recycling and repurposing pallets for home decor and outdoors. Pallets In Home Decor

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  • On Budget: DIY Bed Frame Ideas

    A new bed can be a costly investment especially if you’re looking for quality wood bed frames and good matresses. Budget DIY Bed Frame Ideas

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  • Bedroom Decor: Creative Bed Designs

    Creative bed can become a great focal point for the bedroom. It immediately draws attention to itself and may allow leaving the rest of the design pretty simple and understated. (more…)

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  • Self-Making Bed by Ohea

    Smart Bed designed by Ohea can make itself automatically or just with a click of a button. Self-Making Smart Bed

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  • Cottage Bed By Patricia Urquiola

    Patricia Urquiola has created an amazing bed cottage, a practical and awesome furniture that is suitable to any interior. This cottage bed is simply a terrific cabana-style bed that is a beach and sun atmosphere bringer. Cottage Bed by Patricia Urquiola

  • Futuristic LOMME Bed Design

    Are you looking for futuristic and unique bed designs? Then you should check out the Lomme Design Bed, as it is a very convincing futuristic model made exclusively for your rest. This high tech designer bed is your ultimate nighttime retreat. LOMME Bed Designs

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  • Oz Sofa Bed by Nicola Gallizia

    Oz Sofa Bed designed by Nicola Gallizia can serve as both sofa and double bed. Oz Sofa Bed

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  • Privacy Pop Bed Tent For Shared Accommodation

    Privacy Pop is a bed tent that provides privacy for those who share a room with others. Privacy Pop Bed Tent

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