• 3 Luxurious Bathrooms in Boudoir Style

    Many ladies would not refuse to become a mistress of their own boudoir – the territory of true femininity, embodying all their secrets and intimate process of creating beauty. In France, where, in fact, the boudoir was born, this part of the house includes 3 elements: a feminine bedroom, a dressing room and a bathroom. All of them are interconnected to make the process of transformation into a charming beauty and relaxation the most comfortable for the hostess.

    Bathroom in Boudoir Style: 3 Luxurious Furniture Collections

    Empreinte Byzance collection from Delpha

     Empreinte Byzance collection from Delpha

    Designers from Delpha dedicated 3 luxury collections of bathroom furniture to this true women’s dream:  Grand Boudoir, Empreinte Byzance and Empreinte Secret. All of them are in the category “Empreinte”, which is translated as “trace” or “reproduction”.

    Grand Boudoir

    Dreaming of your own boudoir, as the Parisian beauty? Nothing is impossible! Emphasized feminine collection “Boudoir Grand” will help realize your dream. This option is especially good if a bathroom is bordered to the bedroom.

    Note the subtle colors and exquisite pictures. White cabinets with black top are decorated with a silver frame in the form of beads and an elegant woman’s profile. And the pink dresser with neat drawers and light chrome legs has a similar gentle look.

    There is a sink bowl along with the traditional deep sink. Thanks to its unusual shape and cranes carefully built into the wall, this model makes the bathroom really cute and feminine.

    Empreinte Byzance

    This collection is the living embodiment of classics that never gets old. All the furniture is snow-white that gives the room a simple, elegant charm. Note the exquisite graphic bar: table tops are painted black.

    The luxury bathtub on massive legs in the form of lion’s paws is in the focal point. It comes with a chrome stand under the shower, which allows taking a bath with maximum comfort. If you prefer to combine pleasure with enjoy, then especially for you there is a table of black glass, where you can put a tray with tea, fruit or put your favorite magazines.

    Empreinte Secret

    If you like playing with contrasts, then you’ll be pleased with this collection. You’ll see how blue can be combined with black, straight lines – with graceful swirls and classical forms – with modern ones. This option is suitable even for a small bathroom.

    Note the luxurious chrome mirror, resembling an elegant medallion. The tiny hanging lamp gently underlines it.

    Atypical black sink is in the form of the bowl. The strict chrome cranes are combined with fancifully curled handles on the cabinets.

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