• Acrylic Hot Tubs

    The secret of the popularity of acrylic hot tubs is in bath features that make it a leader among plumbing fixtures. Two main qualities are the specific material, of which they are made (acrylic), as well as a powerful beneficial impact of hydro massage on the human body. Learn more about the acrylic bathtubs

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  • Colorful Kid’s Bathroom

    These small bathrooms are designed specifically for kids. They are ideal for schools and kindergartens. They are bright, colorful and fun. The bathroom from Florakids collection designed by Laufen will please any child.  See joyful bathroom for kids

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  • Transparent Bathtubs

    Glass bathtubs become more and more popular in interior design. transparent bathtubes

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  • Black & White Bathroom Design Ideas

    Classic colors and combinations are great for decorating because they never go out of style. Black & White Bathroom Designs

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  • Living Partitions In Interior Design by Egue & Seta

    Designing an apartment in Spain Egue & Seta created a pair of incredible living partitions to divide different areas. Living Partitions In Interior Design

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  • 5 Ways To Spruce Up Bathroom

    There are tons of ways to spruce up your bathroom design. From cheaper ones like changing a shower curtain to laying down the new tiles. Spruce Up Your Bathroom

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  • Green Bathroom Design Ideas

    Looking for some really beautiful green color schemes for you bathroom? Here are the designs and ideas that will give you some inspiration to use green in bathroom color scheme. Stylish Green Bathrooms

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  • Decorating Bathroom With Art

    Bathroom is quite an unlikely place for art pieces one would think. But regardless of practicality art aesthetics is always so attractive. Bathroom Artwork

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  • Good Idea? Library in Bathroom

    Library in the bathroom or bathtub in the library. Sounds like a good idea? Well, regardless of pros and cons of such a combination there are some designs that look rather appealing. Bathroom Library: Yay or Nay?

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  • 35 Dream Bathroom Designs

    There are many ways of creating a bathroom design of your dreams starting with expensive designer sanitaryware and faucets to wallpaper and statement accessories. Dream Bathroom Designs

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  • Stone Finishes In Bathroom Design

    Want to add a special touch to the bathroom design? Stone texture and form can add a lot to the bathroom design-wise. Bathrooms Decorated With Stone

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  • Marble Bathroom Design Ideas

    Marble is a beautiful stone that’s often used in bathroom design. Marble Bathroom Designs

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  • Under The Sky: 50 Bathrooms Featuring Skylights

    Bathrooms often lack natural light. Installing a skylight at the bathroom is a sure way to bring in some daylight into this cold room. Bathroom Designs Featuring Skylights

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  • Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

    There is a certain allure about the rustic style that creates a special atmosphere. Rustic Bathroom Designs

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  • Bathroom Design Element: In-Floor Bathtub

    In-floor a.k.a drop in bathtubs are getting more popular in bathroom design as they provide with a resort-like atmosphere and unique feel. Bathrooms With In-Floor Bathtubs

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  • Coastal Bathroom Design Ideas

    Coastal bathroom can become an ultimate personal retreat. Dreamy atmosphere of the beach and calming blue color schemes are ideal for enjoying a bubble bath. Beuatiful & Syylish Coastal Bathrooms

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  • Yellow Bathroom Design Ideas

    If you want to add warmth to the cold bathroom design yellow is just the color for it. Yellow Bathroom Designs

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  • Red Bathroom Design Ideas

    Want a radical bathroom makeover? Red is the color that can make for an unusual bathroom design. Bathroom Designs In Red Color Schemes

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  • 20 His And Hers Bathroom Designs

    When decorating his/hers bathroom consider the size of the room and optimize the design and space to fit all necessary features into it. His And Hers Bathroom Design Ideas

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