• Balcony Garden Design Ideas

    Balcony is a great place for creating a garden. Even if it’s ‘small its rails can serve as a trellis for crawling plants or a platform for small planters. Balcony Garden Designs

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  • Balcony Decor On Budget

    A budget balcony can be designed with minimum materials. Throw new slipcovers on the old chairs and voila the seats are ready. Balcony On Budget

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  • Cozy Balcony Design Ideas

    Medium-sized balcony with a nice view can be a great and cozy area for afternoon rest, mini home garden and simply a lounge area. How to Create Cozy Balcony Design

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  • Luxurious Villa Amanzi in Phuket, Thailand

    The luxurious villa Amanzi is a project of Original Vision design studio based in Hong Kong and Phuket that specializes in leisure architecture. Luxury: Built-in Rock Villa Amanzi in Phuket

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  • Hotel Hilton de Pattaya, Thailand

    TROP Studio has remodeled the hotel Hilton de Pattaya that’s located in Thailand. The modern style building boasts a swimming pool, a rooftop venue and jacuzzi. Check out Hotel Hilton de Pattaya, Thailand

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