• Grenelle Apartment House Downtown Paris

    Two new houses, united by green courtyard, were built by the Périphériques Bureau in the heart of Paris, near the Eiffel Tower, surrounded by numerous parks and gardens. See more about the energy-efficient house in Paris

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  • 5 Delightful Houseboats

    Inhabitants of megacities often experience an overwhelming desire to be closer to nature. But they do not have such possibility in their everyday life. So it resulted in the emergence of worldwide houseboats See 5 incredible examples of floating houses

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  • Miniature Bonsai Tree Architecture

    The Japanese art of growing bonsai trees is a great way to breathe life into the interior space. But the artist Takanori Aiba raised this art to a really new level. Japanese master creates complex miniature masterpieces See incredible miniature architectural sculptures

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  • 6 Trends in Architecture in 2014

    In this article, we introduce you to 6 of the most impressive trends in architecture. And we will tell you why their popularity will gain momentum in 2014. See main trends in architechture design

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  • Authentic Hotel in India

    Colored accents on traditional forms will appeal to lovers of design and Indian architecture. Lakshman Sagar Resort is located in central India, in Raipur, near the picturesque ruins of an ancient fort and Todgarh reserve.  See amazing Indian resort designed in traditional style

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  • CityLife Project With Skyscrapers in Milan

    CityLife is a project by renowned architect Zaha Hadid located in the heart of Milan, the historic district of Fiera. CityLife offers a new model of work and leisure in urban environment, with sidewalks, bike paths, and underground traffic. See unique residential skyscapers

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  • New Campus of Hollywood School of Art

    The new campus of Emerson College, which is located in the heart of Sunset Boulevard in Los Angele, is a curious structure: external “frame” of the building holds 10 floors of student housing See creative design of the campus building

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  • Memory Wound Memorial in Norway

    Norway builds a memorial to 77 victims of the worst in the country’s modern history terrorist attack, which happened on July 22, 2011. Almost three years ago there was a huge explosion in the heart of Oslo. See a project of memorial to be built in Norway

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  • Architecture for Dogs

    “Architecture for Dogs” project is implemented with love and care. It is a Japanese joint project of the creative team of architects and designers. It offers a new way of positive communication between people and their pets See interesting indoor dog houses by different designers

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  • 4 Best European Hotels of 2013

    The European Hotel Design Awards in London traditionally announces winners at the end of each year. It honors the best European hotels of the year. The jury evaluates the architectural appearance of the hotels as well as the design of individual facilities: cafes, restaurants, SPAs and even bathrooms. See th best European hotels of 2013

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  • Cathedral Made of Recycled Materials

    Don Justo is not an architect. He was a farmer before he became a priest at his 27 years old. He served as a priest for nine years, till a serious illness forced him to leave the temple. He promised himself that if he survived, he would build a temple See the cathedral built by former priest

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  • Space Generator Concept

    Space Generator, invented by Russian architects from Architime Design Group, won the main prize in the field of design at the Red Dot Design Concept 2013-2014.  See the amazing space design concept by Russian architects

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  • Highest Vertical Garden Project

    An inventor of conceived vertical gardens Patrick Blanc and a French architect Jean Nouvel have designed a living breathing Eden to be built in Sydney. See incredible vertical garden which will be created in Sydney

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  • Bizarre Villa by Robert Oschatz

    An American architect Robert Oschatz has finished a project that he worked on for almost six years – Chenequa Residence villa on the lake on the western outskirts of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. See photos of the Chenequa Residence villa

  • Conceptual Design of Arch Buildings

    For one of the Middle Eastern metropolises a Japanese architect So Fujimoto developed a conceptual design of the buildings consisting of the arches. See photos of the magic arch buildings’ concept by Fujimoto

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  • 2 Unusual Kindergartens in France

    Two unusual kindergartens were built in France: in a small town of Bule-Moselle and in the Paris suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt. See unique designs for kindergartens by French architects

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  • “Garden of the 21st Century” in Warsaw by Mecanoo

    Architects presented a garden with an underground pavilion and a wide spiral staircase. The location was chosen in the historic part of Warsaw – Lazienki Park. See the concept of the new Lazienki park in Warsaw

  • Brick Pavilion in Barcelona

    An international architectural studio Map13 has used a skillful combination of traditional construction techniques and digital design tools to vault this brick pavilion in Barcelona. See the unconventional summer pavilion in Barcelona

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  • John Lautner’s California Home Design

    There is no doubt that the richest people of the world live in Hollywood. And rich people prefer investing their capital into masterpieces, as such investment not only confirms the taste of the buyer, but also is increasing in price. One of Hollywood’s favorite architects is the famous modernist architect John Lautner. Learn more about the creator of Californian spirit in architecture

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