• Bright Accents in White Interiors

    White interiors are truly universal. They are looking restrained and elegant in monochrome version. And they are instantly transformed by the addition of bright accents. See 9 interesting ideas of bright accents in white interiors

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  • Lawn Decorating Ideas

    A classic lawn can look beautiful provided it is properly cared after but there is always a way to enhance the look. Lawn Decoration Ideas

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  • Houndstooth Print In Interior Design

    Houndstooth print is a classic print in fashion. But it can also be used in interior design with success. Houndstooth Pattern in In Interior Design

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  • Purple And Green Interior Designs

    Purple and green is simply an amazing color mix as it is both colorful and elegant. Both colors in rich as well as pale shades look great together. Purple Green Color Scheme for Interior Design

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  • Colorful Bedroom Designs

    A bedroom doesn’t always have to be in pastel and neutral tones. There are many other bright hues to choose from and jazz up the bedroom. Colorful Bedroom Design Ideas

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  • Elegant White Bedroom Interior Design

    Since bedroom is a low-traffic zone white design and decor can easily fit for it. An all white bedroom can seem too minimalist so here are some ideas on creating an elegant white bedroom. White Bedroom Design Ideas

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  • Stylish Blue Color Schemes For Bedrooms

    Blue is a popular color choice for bedrooms. Baby blue mixed with plain white and the typical bedroom is ready. But how to make it more stylish? Get Inspired: Stylish Blue Bedrooms

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  • How To Add Depth To Decor

    Whether you need to add depth to home decor or a boxy room there are some tips and ideas that will help to improve your home and design. Add Depth To Decor or Room

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  • Colorful Furniture in Interior Design

    Bright colors look great in interior design. They breathe energy and liven up your home creating lively mood and playful atmosphere. How to Use Colorful Furniture in Interior Design

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  • 5 Traits of Cozy Home

    No matter the design a home should feel like home. Cozy and homey atmosphere can be created in any design with some simple tips. Learn How to Make Your Home Cozy

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  • Add Splash of Color to Your Decor with DIDI Chair

    DIDI chair is a project of the Danish designers Busk and Hertzog for GlobeZero 4. DIDI Chair for Color Blocking and Bright Accents in Decor

  • Colorful Living Room Design Ideas

    Colorful living room is a perfect place to rest during the day, receive guests and energizes with its colorful decor. Vibrant & Colorful Living Room Design Ideas

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  • Color Blocking In Interior Design

    Color blocking is fun and sure way to refresh your home and bring more energy and color to it. Colorful Home Decor: Color Blocking 101

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  • Learning Contrast and Textures

    Adding contrasting accents to your interior design will jazz it up and deepen the decor. Texture will help avoid much contrast between basic and neutral colors and contrasting tones. Read on Learning Contrast and Texture

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  • IKEA Dining Room Design Ideas 2011

    IKEA offers some really cool dining room design ideas for 2011. IKEA Dining Room Design Ideas 2011

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  • Home Remodeling Ideas

    Homes and apartments, rooms and empty spaces need remodeling from time to time as the paint gets old, interior gets boring or additional living space is required. Check out Home Remodeling Ideas

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  • Remodeling on Budget

    Remodeling is a long and costly process but what to do if you’re on a budget? Read on Remodeling on Budget

  • Lady Gaga’s California Mansion

    Lady Gaga rents Bel Air mansion to stay at while in California. 6,143 square-foot Beverly Hills mansion with a huge pool and jacuzzi tub costs her $25,000 a month. Check out Lady Gaga’s California Mansion

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  • Interior Design in Contemporary style

    Contemporary or modern style is minimalist, but can be comfortable and stylish too. Check out Interior Design in Contemporary style

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