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Creative Design Ideas For Designing Home Library

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Home library can take up a lot of space or even a whole room. But there are a few creative design ideas that can help design a stylish home library anywhere in the house. A home library doesn’t necesserily has to occupy an entire room.

Creative Library Design Ideas:

Suspended Library

Creative Design Ideas For Designing Home Library

A suspended library can be a challenging task as it requires very careful consideration and planning in terms of architecture and safety. It is also not an option for low ceiling homes. But an apparent plus of the suspended library is that it doesn’t occupy any floor space. Located under the ceiling the library has a storage and a small balcony rail to stand on when choosing a book.

Library Divider

Creative Design Ideas For Designing Home Library

A dividing storage system can be a great solution for not only creating walls and rooms in open plan homes but also for storing the books. Triptyque Studio has designed a dividing system for the apartment in Brazil to create different areas and provide with storage space. Another studio H20 Architects has designed an apartment in similar manner.

Under The Stairs

Creative Design Ideas For Designing Home Library

The space under the stairs has many uses. From potential storage to home office to library this commonly free area can be transformed into a mini library with a reading nook. Opt for open sleek shelving that soesn’t take up much space. Add a comfortable chair, side table and floor lamp to create a reading nook.

Closet Library/Vault

Creative Design Ideas For Designing Home Library

A spare closet can be remodeled into a small home library. There might not be enough space to sit and read but at least it will be an organized library that is hidden from view.

Kitchen Library

Creative Design Ideas For Designing Home Library

Kitchen might be one of the last places one would think to set a library in. But on a second thought, why not?

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