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Billiard Room Design Ideas

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Billiard room can be a great entertaining area for family and friends as well as a stylish addition to the house. To create a stylish billiard room design you need to asses the amount of space in the chosen room and make a floor plan that will determine the future desgn. Think about what style you would like to design your billiard room in to have a more or less clear picture of the room design.

Billiard Room Design Ideas


Lighting is essential to the billiard room as it should illuminate the billiard table. Pendant lamps are commonly used above the table to give plenty of light where the game is played. The rest of the room can be illuminated with wall lights or ceiling built-in lights. The pendant lamp and table make a focal point of the room so make sure they harmonize in style.

Billiard Table

Billiard table doesn’t have to be green anymore. With all the design options out there billiard pools come in various colors and materials. There are even modern transparent tables. It all depends on what style the room will be designed in. If you just want to add a billiard table to the living room try to choose the one that best fits the room decor.

Room Decor

Cues are stored on the racks some of which can be wall-mounted. A thick carpet can provide good sound insulation but it can be difficult to level the table on it. Consider a seatig area in the room for people to sit and watch the game. Also think about ventilation and air control in the room. If the room is big enough it can be turned into an entertainment area of the house with a bar or other games. If, onthe contrary the room is small it is best to opt for minimalist design or simply add less accessories and furniture.

Stylish Billiard Rooms:

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