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Bohemian Living Room Design Ideas

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Want to create a relaxed but colorful and chic living room? Boho style can be just right for it. To create bohemian style living room think warm earthly shades in the mix with jewel tones, mix and match prints and patterns in furniture upholstery and rugs.

Bohemian Living Room Design Ideas

Cozy Sofa

A cozy seating area is an important element of a bohemian style living room. It can be vintage but it should be soft and inviting. Decorate it with patterns and prints, cushions and decorative throw pillows, fuzzy throws and coverlets. Add a patterned area rug to the arrangement for a more detailed and rich look as well as increased comfort.

Tufted Coffee Table

Add an ottoman or a tufted coffee table to the living area to make it look even cozier and yet more luxurious. It can be patterned which will add even more details to the mix.

Eclectic Decorations

Bohemian interior easily mixes cultures and eras so be bold and use different decorations in the living room from drum tables to lanterns to wall covers. Bohemian style decor is perfect for displaying a collection of vintage items or traveling souvenirs.

Bohemian Living Room Designs

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