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Bar in Living Room Interior

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Bar table is a versatile piece of furniture that carries not only the practical benefit, serving as a venue for parties and gatherings, the dining table and bar corner, but also adds aesthetic “flavor” in the design of any room. Thus, a bar can successfully complement your kitchen or even a balcony. But today we look at this stylish attribute within the living room.

Applying Bar in Living Room Interior

Bar in the living room

Bar in the living room

Selection: table or bar

The dining table can comfortably “live” in the kitchen or dining room, while the bar is easy to show off in the living room. However, if the choice is still worth it, we recommend that you consider all the benefits of the bar.

The main idea is a space-saving: a bar table several times smaller than an average table, but can serve for the same number of people. Small area of a countertop and the very nature of this attribute does not involve careful serving, which takes a lot of time. Bar table gives the room an atmosphere of ease – that’s the most important thing.

Relevance of bar in the living room

This design decision will be very relevant for young and small families, who like to live happily and organize gatherings with friends. If children are present, the idea of ​​installing the bar in the living room is better to postpone until the time when a child is at least able to get himself to the countertop rack. Also it is worth remembering that the standard rack can not accommodate more than 4 people. So, unfortunately, it can not replace a dining table in large families.

Bar in the living room

Bar in the living room

Types of bar

The shape can be totally different. But there are actually two main types of structures: single-level and multi-level bar. The names make clear that the single-level model is a flat tabletop, and a multi-level rack, in addition to the main countertops, have all sorts of add-ins. So, often, the main surface of the workplace becomes a workplace for a barman and superstructure is designed for guests.


It all depends on your personal requirements: the appearance of the rack, its cost, durability and so on. Classic option is treated wood. But a bar also can be made ​​of stone, metal, steel or even concrete. The main thing is to pay attention to the material for countertops – it should be moisture-resistant and resistant to mechanical damage.

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