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Amazing Living Room Design Ideas

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Living room is a public space in the house so if you want to create a stylish and impressive design go with unconventional design solutions. Experimenting with styles and textures can give you some great design ideas on how to decorate living room.

Amazing Living Room Design Ideas

Work With Space

If you have a spacious living room try to make the most of it. You can add a dividing fireplace to it creating more intimate areas in the room. You can also use various types of furniture to create unique design, like a hanging chair or a floating daybed. The seating space can be arranged in coutless ways to achieve a convenient and yet unusual arrangement. With some spare room you can add various architectural details to the design enhancing its decor.


Materials and textures play an important role in design. An unusual combination can make for an attention-drawing result. Also using uncommon materials like stone in the living room will make the design more unusual. Think wooden ceiling or concrete walls. Mix up different materials and textures to learn what combination would suit to your living room design the most.

Focal Points

Sofa is a focus point of the room. Invest in some stylish and creative sofa and arrange your seating area around it creating a balance with more neutral chairs and a coffee table. Creative lighting can also add a lot to the room design so choose a statement chandelier to create another impressive focus point in the room.

Window treatments can make or break the look so you can use them to add a plash of color to the design or make ceiling look higher. Also pay attention to details. Display objects will make the room look more interesting.

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Living Room Design Ideas

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