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Stylish Dining Room On Budget

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Stylish dining room is not necessarily an expensive one. Budget decor and design can be stylish too. Work with what you have before buying something new. Check basement for some useful things that can be recycled, re-upholstered and redecorated for a new dining room. Also consider style and color as you pick up old thing or buy new ones.

Stylish Dining Room On Budget

Flea Market Gems

Found a set of chairs or an attractive dining table? Antique ornate dishes and tableware? These can be those flea market gems that can decorate your dining room in a romantic even historic manner. Put dishes on display or use them wall decor. Got different chairs? Unify them by putting attractive slipcovers on them (easier to wash than upholstery). When buying an item though think if it really going to fit your dining room style.

Chain Store Finds

Chain store products can be of very good quality and yet they still can benefit from a DIY improvement. Plain furniture or accessories can be painted, redecorated and renewed. This will give them an exclusive look and personality. You can also combine several different pieces to make one great piece as in lighting.

Makeover & Quick Remodeling

Need a fresh new look? Change paint, add a rug, change curtains and upholstery or slipcovers. Also make sure the dishes and other utensils are organized properly for a clean sharp look. Use storage baskets, shelves and cabinets to store and display dishes and decorations.

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