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Creating Focal Point In Dining Room

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Every room needs a focal point. In dining room there are plenty of ways to create a focal point. Choose a wall or some other location for your focal point object or accentuate the windows with beautiful curtains if they are your dining room’s focal points.

Creating Focal Point In Dining Room

Statement Mirror

What can be better than a space enhancing mirror in an intricate embellished frame that draws eyes and keeps attention? Choose the mirror of right size – not too big but not too small either – for your feature wall. Make sure it doesn’t reflect the guests while seated at the table by hanging it just a little bit higher than the table level.


Artworkd, paintings, murals, and even framed posters and photographs make for great focal point objects for the dining room. Choose something that fits your dining room style and go with it. If it’s modern choose a modern painting or photography, if it’s retro opt for vintage movie posters or ads.

Architectural Detail

An architectural detaillike window or a fireplace can be a great natural focal point in the room. You can enhance it by decorating it a bit further. For instance, by adding decorations or display objects to the mantel piece or hanging a mirror above the fireplace to enhance its presence in the room.

Focal Point In Dining Room

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