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20 Dining Room Designs Featuring Mismatched Chairs

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Looking for a way of jazzing up a dining room? Mismatched furniture is a sure way to add detail to the look. It is also a great way of saving money on a new dining set. Recycle your own old chairs and ask friends to give their old chair to you and start creating a unique dining room look with mismatched chairs.

Dining Room Designs With Mismatched Chairs

Mismatched Color

20 Dining Room Designs Featuring Mismatched Chairs

Similar chairs in different colors make for an diverse color scheme. The colors can be monochromatic or contrasting. It’s a great way to add bright or pastel colors to  a neutral dining room. Same chairs in differing colors have a unifying element – design which makes for a more polished look.

Mismatched Shape

20 Dining Room Designs Featuring Mismatched Chairs

Chairs of mismatched shapes and styles make for a more diverse look. Different shapes and lines make for a complex detailed look. You can take several similar chairs and pair them with those of other shapes and colors if you want a more unified look.

Mismatched Texture

20 Dining Room Designs Featuring Mismatched Chairs

Using chairs made of different materials can give a look of mismatched textures. When choosing the chairs to mismatch opt for complementing materials to avoid too different textures together. Although many times it might work just fine as well.

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