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Stylish Blue Color Schemes For Bedrooms

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Blue is a popular color choice for bedrooms. Baby blue mixed with plain white and the typical bedroom is ready. But how to make it more stylish? Pastel and neutral are also popular color schemes for bedrooms but if blue is how you see your bedroom here are some ideas how to make it stylish.

Choose Intense Shades

Stylish Blue Color Schemes For Bedrooms

Intense shades of blue can be a great way of making a stylish bedroom. Rich royal blue, sea blue, or azure can make a room stand out. Even the conventional white will nicely contrast with the intense blue shades. Take blue color samples and pick the one that appeals to you the most. It shouldn’t be very deep but it should be pleasant to the eye.

Add Patterns

Stylish Blue Color Schemes For Bedrooms

Adding patterns to the blue bedroom decor will add depth to it and will make it look more stylish and finished. The wallpaper with patterns and blue background can make a great match a bit drawing attention from the common blue.

Keep it in Details

Stylish Blue Color Schemes For Bedrooms

If blue walls are still too conventional for you and you don’t want  a bright color scheme try to keep the blue in details. Bright blue decorative pillows, a bright blue chair or curtains will add bluish theme to the bedroom as well as bold accents to make the room look stylish.

Mix and Match

Stylish Blue Color Schemes For Bedrooms

Pick colors from the same color family and try to mix and match them with the shade of blue of your choice. This can make an interesting color scheme. Though be careful with complementary shades as these don’t always look good together. The more difference in their intensity and undertones usually the better they look together.

Add Strong Accents

Stylish Blue Color Schemes For Bedrooms

Blue bedroom can benefit from strong accents of other color that nicely contrasts with it. Try color block your blue color samples with other brights and see what color suits that shade of blue best. Add strong accents throughout the room.

Choose Unconventional Hues

Stylish Blue Color Schemes For Bedrooms

Unconventional hues like blue gray, sea blue and others that have other undertones are great for creating an unusual and stylish bedroom. Those hues that are not used in bedroom design very often can make yours stand out. On the other hand, if you don’t want it too extravagant you can always keep unconventional hues for accents and details to add a twist to a common blue bedroom.

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    This is great site with very useful ideas. Blue is a common color but you can dress it up or down to accommodate any taste.

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