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Rococo-Inspired Bedroom Design Ideas

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Rococo is a beautiful and inspiring style that can be recreated in the modern bedroom. Using a few style elements from the era you can create a stunning modern rococo bedroom design. Furniture and wall and ceiling finishes are the defining elements of the rococo style. Curved gilded frames and frescoes make the rococo style very distinct-looking.

Rococo-Inspired Bedroom Design Ideas

Rococo Style Bed

Though the rococo furniture is usually guilded or wooden there are rococo style furniture manufacturers like Newtons that create beautiful rococo furniture in various colors. Adding a rococo bed to your sleeping chambers can make for a stunning focal point of the room. Of course, the rest of the design and decor should be in one theme with the bed but you can experiment by mixing in some other subtler styles as well.

Minimize Opulence

Since rococo is an opulent style but you can reduce its pompousness by choosing to use only rococo style furniture or rococo style molding. Thus the bedroom will look a bit less lavish and more modern. You can also use rococo mirrors, headboard, and other accessories in the bedroom to bring in rococo style into the room.

Rococo Frescoes

Fresco can add a bit of rococo style to your bedroom. It is a great way to add a beautiful wall decor to the bedroom design. Rococo wall decorations are very ornate so adding a a bit to the bedroom design can bring in the aesthetic of rococo style but in a more refined and minimalist way.

Rococo-Inspired Bedroom Ideas

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