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How To Create French Country Bedroom Design

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French Country style is very romantic and opulent but at the same time it has a relaxed country feel to it. It is also quite distictive and elegant a style. It can make for a great room style in a master bedroom as well as in a summer country house.

How To Create French Country Bedroom Design

Materials and finish

Wrought iron bed frames are common for the French country style but you can also use natural woods in furniture like nightstands and chairs. The walls feature exposed stone while the ceiling is made in wood beams. Furniture features curved lines and carved details. The flooring is made in stone or brick. The walls can also be plastered or left with exposed stone. Another common feature of a French style interior is a stone fireplace.

Warm Colors

The French style bedroom should be designed in warm colors like sunny yellow, pastels and warm whites. Gold, red, cobalt, and green can also be used in furniture pieces to add a splash of color to the design. The contemporary French country style is commonly done in light pinks, blues, and cream whites. You can use bright patterend bedding and duvet to add color to your French country bedroom.

Paisley Patterns

In French country style various kinds of patterns can be used from plaid and stripes to beautiful paisley prints in fabrics and furntiure upholstery. These make the room look more dynamic. Patterns can be used in curtains, rugs, bed throws, and all kinds of fabrics in the room.

For a quick beautiful French country style makeover add a French country headboard to the bed. Since it’s the focal point of the room it will instantly bring in the style to the room. Use patterns and French country style chairs to emphasize the look.

French Country Bedrooms

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