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Attic Bedroom Design Ideas

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Attic is a great space for a spare bedroom or a  guest room. There are also other uses for it. The attic can have a calm and low-traffic atmosphere which is just right for the bedroom.

Attic Bedroom Design Ideas


Depending on the size of the attic, bedroom can have additional features like a wardrobe, a reading nook, a small working space, or anything else. If the attic is small it can be made into a minimalistic bedroom with only a bed and anther small furniture item.


Any style that suits the owners’ tastes can be chosen for an attic bedroom, from modern minimalism to traditional and classic style. Shabby chic style will emphasize the age of the house and the vaulted ceilings of the attic. With the tight budget it is better to choose the style that will suit the interior architecture of the attic.


Some leave the wooden beams of the vaulted attic ceilings bare and unfinished which gives the attic bedroom an interesting contrast. The walls can be painted or covered with wallpaper. The latter can make the attic room look more inviting and lived-in.

Ideas For Decorating Attic Bedroom:

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