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Use Molding In Bathroom For Boutique Hotel Look

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If you are looking for a quick way to trasform your bathroom molding could be the answer. Since molding has that classy look, it can be quite easy to save on everything else and still have a boutique hotel level bath. Tile shouldn’t be that expensive and even an IKEA vanity can be painted in matte to appear more luxe.

Imitate Boutique Hotel Bath With Molding

Boutique hotel like bathroom

There are a few ways to do a boutique look. First, you could go all the way and use marble, metallic accents, expensive wallpaper, and high-end hardware, all of which would definitely give you the luxe look and the second way, do it on budget using various tricks. And while the former way is pretty obvious and straightforward the latter will definitely make you think harder.

The key to tying your intricate molding to the rest of the bathroom design is to either make stuff look luxurious and expensive or simply go for minimalism.

The latter is easier but will require a more decorative statement molding design to make it stand out and attract attention. You can cleverly play on a contrast of intricate molding and simple design of other interior elements.

When choosing molding though be careful as some design might call for a bigger commitment in terms of style.

Other decor items that can help you finish your boutique hotel like bathroom are a big metal-rimmed mirror, drapes, brass hardware, and a statement chandelier.

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