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Modern Powder Room Design Ideas

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Powder room is a small bathroom that only has a sink and a toilet and it is commonly used as a guest bathroom. Usually small, powder rooms can still be stylish and elaborate in terms of design and decor.

How To Design Powder Room:

Modern Powder Room Design Ideas

Color Scheme

Since powder rooms are small it’s better to use lighter color scheme if you want to make it appear more spacious. Modern powder room can be designed in darker color schemes as well as with the patterned wallpaper and interesting mosaic tile work.


The powder rooms don’t have steam from shower or bath as in full bathroom so the walls can be finished with cool wallpaper of any pattern. It will add sophistication to the powder room while the steam will not ruin it. A modern artwork can make for an impressive wall decor for the powder room.


Sanitaryware in a powder room can be simple in its design. It should fit the room’s style but there are many modern sanitaryware designs on the market so it’s quite easy to choose  modern style items to equip the powder room with.

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