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Interesting Bathroom Interior Architecture

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Interesting bathroom design can be achieved through many different solutions. From unconventional architectural details to unique decorations and finishing. Unconventional architectural details can change the concept of the bathroom as cold room filled with sanitaryware.

Bathroom Architectural Designs:

Interesting Bathroom Design Solutions

Built In Bathtub

Create a pool-like feel inside the bathroom with a built-in bathtub. This definitely looks unusual and adds a special feel to the bathroom. There are specifics to installing built-in bathtubs, though.


Almost all kinds of windows add a special touch to the bathroom interior architecture. Natural lighting fills the bathroom with warmth. Interesting window shape can set the style for the bathroom. The floor to ceiling window walls look especially impressive, though may lack privacy.

Floor Plan

The room structure can vary in modern bathrooms. Some interiors feature architectural solutions that help divide a shower and a bathtub. Others leave the room spacious and more lived-in and homey than a conventional bathroom.

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