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How To Design Striking Powder Room

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Powder room or guest bathroom can be designed in many different styles but how to create a truly striking design? Looking for unusual and creative design solutions is important for creating a unique and striking design. Even a traditional powder room can be jazzed up with creative mirror and vanity.

How To Design Striking Powder Room

Focal Point

Mirror and vanity set is a focal point of the powder room. Invest in a mirror with a beautiful intricate frame to draw attention to it. The vanity or the sink can also come in various interesting designs and styles. For instance, a stone sink will look much more impressive than a conventional ceramic one. Decorate this area especially if it faces the door.

Color Scheme

Add drama to a traditional powder room with rich dark hues instead of pastels and neutrals. Opt for dark blue and red, stylish gray brown or charcoal. Balance out the rich color with clean minimalist sanitaryware and accessories or you can add even more drama with pops of gold or metallic.

How To Design Striking Powder Room


Materials and textures can also help you design a striking powder room. Stones like marble and granite add luxurious touch to the room making it look grand. Stone can be used in flooring, walls, or vanity tops and sinks. Natural wood can also add to the unusual look when used in decorations.  Stone and glass tiles can be used to add texture to the walls or floors.

Striking Powder Room Designs

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