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Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas

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Art deco bathrooms are stylish and beautiful. Intricate tile work, curved furniture and exquisite sanitaryware can make for a truly elegant bathroom design. To create art deco bathroom choose the color scheme and draw a floor plan to make it easier to imagine the look of your future bathroom.

Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas

Tile Work

Tile work is a key staple of an art deco bathroom. Tiles in black and white with geometric shape patterns are a signature look but you can modify and diversify it with various other patterns as well as use other colors like mint green or light pink. Tile work can be a great way of adding dynamic to the bathroom and may allow you using simpler furniture and sanitaryware.


There is sanitaryware that comes in art deco style so choose the bathtub and sink that will fit the style of the bathroom. Built-in bathtubs were common but clawfeet freestanding tubs can also be used in an art decor bathroom. Take a look into pedestal sinks as they were commonly used in art deco designs and come in decorative shapes. But if you’re more into vanities then be sure to look into an art deco style furniture.


Art deco furniture has a quite distinctive aesthtetic so look out for it when choosing furniture for your art deco bathroom. Streamlined features comes along with curved lines and geometric shapes in furniture. You can mix them for a more dynamic look in the bathroom decor.

Art Deco Bathrooms:

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