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5 Ways To Spruce Up Bathroom

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There are tons of ways to spruce up your bathroom design. From cheaper ones like changing a shower curtain to laying down the new tiles. If you want to make a change in your bathroom decor without splurging on renovation of the whole room pick its weakest points and replace or change them.

How To Spruce Up Bathroom

New Mirror

5 Ways To Spruce Up Bathroom

This is a relatively budget-friendly option since a mirror can cost a hundred dollars, even less or a thousand plus. It all depends on the style of bathroom and mirror and what you want. There are also many aesthetic budget-friendly variants available on the market.

New Sink

5 Ways To Spruce Up Bathroom

This everyday object we use constantly so it’s impossible not to pay attention. You can change your sink to something more exciting and aesthetically-pleasing, something that fits your bathroom style.

New Rug

5 Ways To Spruce Up Bathroom

A bathroom rug is used in a high traffic area so changing an old one for a new patterned design would not only be a noticeable change in the decor but will also disguise any spots and stains.

New Pendant Lamp

5 Ways To Spruce Up Bathroom

A pendant lamp can make a great impact in the bathroom decor. Choose the one that makes a statement but also fits your bathroom style and it will add an extra stylish detail to the room.

New Tiles

5 Ways To Spruce Up Bathroom

Let’s face it, this might get to it at one point or another. New tiles though expensive in cost and installation can transform the whole room entirely. And the old cracked and barely holding tile is not a pleasant view either. So if you are at this point, make sure to invest in good quality material and labour.

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