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20 Amazing Tiled Showers

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There are so many design options with the tiles when it comes to finishing bathroom or shower. From material to finish tiles vary greatly offering many design ideas. We selected twenty amazing tiled showers for your inspiration in the gallery below.

20 Amazing Tiled Showers

Types of Tiles

There are a few types of tile that each has their special appeal. Glass is translucent and eco-friendly, while ceramic and porcelain come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Stone tiles like marble and granite are simply luxurious. The first two are more affordable than the latter though. Natral stone has to be treated specifically to prevent staining and cracking besides it can be slippery. Ceramic and glass are easier to install and still it’s best to use smaller tiles for the shower floor to prevent slipperiness.

How To Choose

Thus you can choose anything for the walls, something non-slippery for the floors from any type of tiles. There are textured tiles that are less slippery and there are tiles that feature patterns if you want to create a statement feature wall.

Tiles are easy to clean and maintain. A vaccuum cleaner, for instance, can scratch the surface so it’s best to sweep them with a soft broom and a slightly damp mop. Avoid a too wet mop which can leave water drops to dry on tiles as they lose their shine.

Amazing Tiled Showers

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