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Winter Landscaping Ideas

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Winter is the time of naked trees and lack of color and there is nothing to do with it or so it seems. Despite lack of foliage, greenery and color winter landscapes can too be beautiful. Take a look at your yard or garden and see what’s missing and what would you like to change.

Winter Landscaping Ideas

Add Color With Evergreen Trees

Evegreen trees look great in summer as well as winter. There are also evegreen shrubs that together with the evegreen or deciduous trees will look great thanks to the difference in size and texture. Other trees and plants to consider for your yard or garden are apples, berry trees and poinsettias which can stay colorful in winter as well.

Create Focal Points

Add statues, arbors, or small gazebo to your yard or garden to create a focal point. In the snow these landmarks will look even better mysteriously peeking out and creating some kind of dynamic in the landscape.

Add Accessories

Accessories like planter pots with the perennials or vegetables on your porch or under your windows can too be a great landscaping tool. It will not only bring some color to the picture but the bright beautiful planter pots will decorate the outdoors with their design.

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