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Landscaping Ideas: Garden Stairs

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Even the simplest garden stairs can trasform the look of your landscape and garden. The sloping regions of the garden can be enhanced even with DIY stairs made of such materials as rocks/stones, tiles and wooden slabs.

Garden Stair Ideas

Landscaping Ideas: Garden Stairs

Stone Stairs

Stone stairs are popular in the gardens especially when the stairs are connected to other structures. But you can simply add stone steps to the slope to not only have easy access to the garden but also add an accent to the landscape.

Stone stairs can be made of natural or faux stone slabs or tiles creating a natural look. The steps without railings only emphasize that look.

Tile Stairs

Tile stairs look more crafty. They can also be made of different tile pieces that would make a certain pattern in the steps. Of course tiles are used mostly as decoration for existing stone stairs. This is also an option if you want to enhance the look of your garden stairs with some colorful patterns or images.

Wooden Stairs

Wooden stairs also contribute to a more natural look in the garden especially if they are made of driftwood. They can be made in form of wooden frames and filled with gravel which for an unusual and creative look.

Enhancing Garden Stairs

If you already have garden stairs and want to enhance their look there are quite a few options. You can plant flower beds along the stairs or simply allow the weeds grow between the stone/wooden slabs that make the steps.

You can decorate the sides of the stairs with crushed tiles as well as pave the area around them to make for easy access to the stairs. You can also place some statement planter pots with beautiful flowers at the stairs to mark them.

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