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Greenery Around Swimming Pool

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It’s such a pleasure to have a nice swim in cool water during the heat of a summer day. Which kind of tree would you prefer lying under? And what kind of plants suit a swimming pool anyway?

Swimming Pool Greenery

Plants Do Correspond to the Surrounding

Plants Do Correspond to the Surrounding


Trees near a swimming pool shouldn’t have a wide crown as this will create too much uncomfortable dampness in the area and the leaves falling into the water will cause water contamination. Trees with large root system will harm the walls of swimming pool. Fir trees and pine trees shed needles that are not very pleasant to walk on barefoot. And it is recommended not to plant trees closer than two meters from a swimming pool. Fruit trees will attract flies and bees at the end of the summer so be sure to consider these things while planning a place for swimming pool and your garden.


It is very common to plant thick bushes around a swimming pool to keep some privacy from the prying eyes of neighboring houses and yards. There you have to consider that it is not a good idea to plant high bushes from the sunny side of a swimming pool because it will prevent the water from warming up.

Grass and Flowers

Bright blue water and fresh green grass match perfectly. And anyway it is very pleasant to walk barefoot on the soft lawn. Therefore this grass should be resistant to walking on it. And flowers are better to be planted in the flowerpots. In this case it will be very easy to move them to different places on necessary occasion. And to save them till the next swimming season by bringing gentle plants indoors for the winter time.

Plants around Swimming Pool

Flowers around Swimming Pool

Now you are ready to make the territory around your favorite place in a residence beautiful and green. Remember that natural surroundings comfort your soul and provide for much more pleasant relaxation.

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