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Terrarium for Your Bonsai Trees by Fort Standard

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Fort Standard has created another option of home gardening. Beautiful, functional and simply creative! Designers describe their project “TERRA” as “an object of ridiculous magnificence”. The Terrarium is presented as an icosahedron made of glass and maple frame. The Terrarium stands on a tripod that spins it for viewers to see the plants from each side.

Terrarium for Your Bonsai Trees by Fort Standard

The Bonsai Tree you see on the photos is a Japanese Fukien Tea Bonsai Tree that is 20 years old surrounded by supporting plants and mosses. The structure of TERRA allows you not only preserve your trees but also put them safely on display and let the guests and home dwellers enjoy the beauty of Bonsai trees and plants.

Fort Standard is a new design studio founded by Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings. In their design they combine natural materials and progressive technology to create interior design objects and furniture.

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