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Green Roof Budget Ideas

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The green roofs are predominantly used in urban landscapes. However, to make your green roof environment is not so difficult as you think if you would follow these simple instructions.

green rooftops

Green Roof on budget

There are two kinds of green roofing, extensive and intensive. As one can guess from the meaning, the extensive green roofs are much lighter and cover bigger territory. The plants are usually low growing, and are sun tolerant. The intensive green roofs are designed for much heavier soils, and trees can be plotted. Now, to begin planting your own green roof, you need to make sure that your roof is appropriate to begin with. Consider the environmental issues, such as durability and weight of your materials, the waste recycling options.

You need to decide what is the purpose of your green roofing, ecological or aesthetic, and if it is both, it is also fine. Of course for roof gardening, it is most preferred to have quality flat roofing. Mostly, intensive green roofs are more expensive and pleasing to the eye, than the extensive ones. For covering your roof green, use the nutrient rich soil, and then seed the plants you want. Of course these would be the low growing plants. If you want your rough to be aesthetically pleasing you can use potted big plants, and create your own private garden out on the roof.

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