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Dream Terrace Design Ideas

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There are many ways of creating a cozy terrace design. From a small garden to a reading nook the terrace can be transformed into anything you want. With these ideas and tips you can make your dream terrace come true.

Dream Terrace Design Ideas


A hammock or a daybed can make for a great lounge space on the terrace. If there is little space try a swing or a hanging chair to create a perfect lounge area. There are many different designs and styles to choose from. A floating daybed is a great combination of a hammock and a daybed – both soft and airy. Canopy daybeds are great if you need to create shade or increase privacy.


Umbrella is also a good way to create a shade and increase privacy. Choose an outdoor umbrella that goes well with the seating furniture set. It can be of similar color or made in the same material and style. Make sure it fits the size of your seating area creating enough shade space for everyone.

Water, Earth & Fire

A big enough terrace can be equipped with a small pool or a Jacuzzi. Other water wells are also able to add to the terrace decor. A garden is also a common addition to a terrace which is a great spot for creating a garden especially in an urban area. A fire pit is a widespread terrace feature that can be both decorative and functional during cool evenings.


You don’t have to have luxurious outdoor furniture on the terrace. Vintage benches can create a beautiful look, decorated with coverlets and throw pillows. Cover wooden floors with a thick carpet and throw pillows to create super comfy colorful lounge area.

Ideas For Dream Terrace Design:

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