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Stone Swimming Pool Design Ideas

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Stone swimming pools have an irresistible flair. They look like natural wells and often feature a waterfall that adds drama to the entire look. The stone swimming pools do not only look natural though, but they also look luxurious especially if designed and built skillfully.

Swimming Pool Designs Made Of Stone

Stone Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Stone Well

To create a stone well look or a beach entryway design you’ll need to hire professionals to do all the rock sculpting and building but the effect is simply incredible. The pool designs like in the picture above make for a exotic getaway feel in the yard though this is certainly a luxury.

Pool Coping

When building your swimming pool you can go for stone pool coping to give your pool a slightly natural water well look without breaking the bank with the fancy rock waterfalls and beach entryways. You can also add decorative stones along the pool border to emphasize the natural look.

Stone Wall

You can go for a less expensive design creating only a stone wall st one side of the pool while leaving the rest of it simple with stone pool coping and stone tiles around the pool. This way you can have that dramatic effect of a rock waterfall or wall and also keep your budget in check.

The stone swimming pools can be decorated with natural stone or faux stone depending on what look you are going for. Stone comes in many shapes and forms that include tiles, boulders, and rocks which allows to create various designs and elements of the swimming pool.

The rock waterfalls are very popular. Stones are arranged in different ways to complement the look of the pool as well as add a focal point to it. Separate rocks and boulders incorporated into the pool decor can also do the trick in creating a stone pool look.

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    A very attracting addition to your house.I would love to have one.

  2. Michael Long Says:

    I’m interested in knowing the source of the second picture. The small pool with grey field stone around. I’d like to create something similar at my home. Knowing the builder of that pool would be helpful. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks

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