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Vintage Decorating Tips

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Decorating with vintage items has almost become a decorating style in its own right. Romantic and elegant vintage comes close to retro and shabby chic. Chapped paint, elegant shapes, lace, antiques, and vintage finds can help create a beautiful decor.

Tips For Creating Vintage Decor:

Vintage Decorating Tips


When creating vintage style decor opt for vintage furniture that looks dated and a little worn. It will only add charm and authenticity to the room decor. Shop vintage stores or flea markets to find vintage furniture. It can take time to find the needed pieces but it can fit into a budget.

Details & Accessories

Little accessories and details can add a lot to the decor. Vintage patterns in fabrics and lace can help decorate furniture as well as the windows giving the room a vintage feel. Vintage glassware, pottery, and statuary that can be found in vintage shops as well as other vintage things can be used as display objects and decorations in the house.

When looking for vintage items look for things from 30′s and 40′s. Walls can be decorated with the old framed pictures or artworks or vintage signs. Some modern things are often designed in vintage style so these can also be found in decorating shops.


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