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Ideas and Tips for Wall Decor

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Walls are great big canvases that need decoration. From wall paint and coverings to decorations and wall art wall decor offers a myriad design solutions for each room. Probably the easiest wall decor is the use of color in wall paint and wall vinyl stickers. The latter are easy to apply and they can make a cool feature wall, a strong accent and simply an eye-drawing decor.

Ideas and Tips for Wall Decor

Wall Coverings

Wall coverings offer so many design options today. From textures wallpaper to patterns, bright colorful solutions to 3D wonders that can transform an architecture of a room. Wall coverings are commonly more expensive than paint but these can provide one with so many designs and patterns as well as ready textures.

Wall Paint

Wall paint can vary too. From textures to colors and hues to sheen and finish. Besides the paint gives one a bit of artistic freedom to paint and draw on the walls. anything from stripes to wall art.

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers can decorate the room in an instant. They can function as wall art or missing parts of decor like a bed headboard or shelving. There are many stylish and varied vinyl sticker designs that can add to almost any decor.

Wall Decorations

All the other wall decorations like photos, artworks, dishes, shelves, mirrors and many others can be arrange to make a feature wall in the room or decorate an empty hallway.

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    Wall decals are always a great option! They give a “painted on” look to your walls.

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