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How To Use Accent Chairs In Decor

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Accent chairs can brighten up the living room and add style to the bedroom. Side chairs don’t have to match the sofa but on the contrary should be bright and eye catchy. There are many chair designs that can add style to the room. For instance, a Johnathan Adler Navy Regent Arm Chair or a retro modern Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen.

Accent Chairs In Decor

How To Use Accent Chairs In Decor

Johnathan Adler Navy Regent Arm Chair

How To Choose

Choosing furniture can be daunting but the key things to look out for is style and type of wood. Coordinating these two will let you use chairs from different sets without having to buy all in one set. Difference in style and texture can be good especially if you are after an eclectic look. Just make sure the accent chair accents the color scheme of the room.

How To Make

Even old chairs can be revamped with two coats of stain or paint and a piece of upholstery fabric. There are so many colors and prints to choose from. The chair frames can be sanded and re-stained or repainted and lacquered. You can try to do a tufted back or create a matching ottoman for an old chair to add even more charm to it.

How To Use Accent Chairs In Decor

Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen


In a living room accent chairs look great at the sitting area by the side or opposite of the sofa. A statement chair can add style to your home office or be used as a decoration in the bedroom. Place it near the vanity or even simply against the wall.

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