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How To Choose Your Decorating Style

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Choosing decorating style is the first step to remodeling a house or a room. It determines the aesthetics, materials, shapes, and colors. It can also set a certain mood and reflect a certain time period. There are several ways of choosing your decorating style.

How To Choose Your Decorating Style

Tips on Choosing Your Decorating Style:

Choose Time Period

Different time periods had different decorating styles. So if you are interested in one particular time period it can be translated into your interior design and decor. Certain time periods had popular several decorating styles and trends.

How To Choose Your Decorating Style

Choose Aesthetics

Browse through the magazines or websites about interior design and decorating and learn more about various decorating styles. Choose what style’s aesthetic appeals to you the most and learn more about it.

Mix Styles

You don’t have to stick to just one decorating style. There are various ways to mixing two or more styles together or even go eclectic, picking elements of different styles that are most appealing to you.

How To Choose Your Decorating Style

A Budget Solution

If you have a limited budget for renovation or makeover study things you already have that do not need to be replaced. For instance, furniture. Work with the style you already have adding elements of other styles or simply playing with colors or textures.

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