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How To Choose Chandelier

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Chandelier is not merely a source of lighting in the room it is also a decoration, an accent. The right chandelier will make the room look more chic or formal. It can also be used as one of the room’s focal points.

How To Choose Chandelier

Tips on Choosing Chandelier:


Chandelier should be appropriate size for the room. To estimate the proper size the length of the room in feet is added to the width and the resulting number in inches will be the right size of the chandelier for the room. For instance, if the room’s length and width together will be 22 feet, then chandelier that is 22 inches in diameter will be appropriate for the room.


Chandelier shape and style largely depend on the style of the room. A chandelier can make for a great accent to accentuate the style of the room as in industrial chic or it can be a spectacular focal point. Chandeliers vary in shapes and materials greatly providing a choice for almost any interior. There tiered and pendant chanderliers, and those shaped as various objects.

Chandeliers are used in most rooms from living room to the bathroom. It’s important to coordinate the styles of the chandelier and the room so that it looked appropriate to the decor.

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