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How To Choose Bathtub

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Bathtub is a main feature of a bathroom. There are many bathtubs on the market today that will suit almost everyone’s needs, tastes and budget. So before choosing a bathtub set a budget for it. Measure the bathroom to see how much space you can give up for the bathtub and start looking for one.

How To Choose Bathtub


Materials do not only determine the cost of the bathtub but also its weight and time of serving. Lightweight bathtubs come in acrylic and fiberglass materials. They are also inexpensive and not very durable. It is important to choose mild non-abrasive cleansers for these bathtubs to protect their surface from damage and fading.

Cast iron porcelain bathtub is very durable but also expensive and heavy. It is resistant to corrosion and maintains water temperature well. Marble and wood require extra care due to cracking and scratching but both look elegant and unusual. Enamel steel is an affordable and durable material. Though the water cools faster in the enamel steel bathtubs and the shape and features (such as armrest) are quiet limited. Copper bathtubs are elegant and eye-drawing. Its metallic shine can change with time but it’s also possible to keep the original color with special cleansers.


There also many styles and shapes to choose from. There are more modern bathtubs and there are bathtubs in rustic or ancient style. Bathtubs also differ by installation type. The three-wall alcove has the bathtub installed so that its three sides are attached to the walls. Corner installation type has the bathtub located in the corner of the bathroom. A drop-in has a bathtub built into a custom pedestal.

Undermount bathtub is the same as drop-in but its rim is invisible as it is built into a custom pedestal. Free standing bathtubs are my favorite in terms of looks. They can be placed away from the walls to act independently. These statement bathtubs look great in room-like bathroom designs and give it a luxurious look.


Also consider your needs when buying a bathtub. If the bathtub will be used by people with special needs there are bathtubs specially designed to make it easier to get in and out of a bathtub.

If you want a shower with your bathtub opt for the one that has this function. Also make sure your water heater can manage the new bathtub‘s water capacity. If your choice leans toward whirlpool bathtub special electrical features will be needed for that.

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