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DIY Idea on Renewing Old Table

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Don’t hurry throwing away your old tables and chairs! Almighty Magician DIY comes to give a new life to these items. He guarantees their further service to be long and faithful. All you need is to buy some colored tape and look through these easy DIY tricks.

Tricks to Renew Old Table

Items you need:

  • acetone, water and a piece of rug
  • colored tape
  • scissors or lazor blade
That's How It Looks Like

That’s How It Looks Like

Step 1

We are going to work with the surface of your table that should enter the new life clean as a newborn. Take some water and add some acetone (for example – one glass of water, half glass of acetone). Now dunk a rug into this solution and clean the table surface. So that no substances could spoil your life with a renewed table. Don’t forget to put on rubber gloves!

Step 2

Choose the color theme for your table. Put small parts of tape onto the edge of a table in order to mark color’s order. Decide if you want them to be vertical or diagonal. Or you may think over some pattern you consider interesting and easy enough to perform.

And now you have to call a friend. The later stage is better to be done with some assistance.

Step 3

Here comes the fun. Together with your assistant hold the tape on both sides of a table and stick it to the surface according to the plan you’ve made up before. Overlap the tape a little bit to prevent naked parts of an old surface looking through tape. Leave excess tape on the top and the bottom of the table to cover it with a special piece of tape later. And leave A small piece of tape at the corners to wrap them accurately.

Step 4

Turn on solemn march and step back to behold your creation. It is a masterpiece. Your creativity should instantly be celebrated with a good meal and nice company.

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