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Repurposing: Old Shoe Planters

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Do you have a lot of used and torn up shoes? Old shoes can serve their purpose again. So, don’t throw away them yet, they can be useful in home gardening. Check out most amazing old shoe planter ideas!

Old Shoe Planters

Tips on turning old shoes into planters

Using old shoes as planters is of course not a new idea, but it certainly helps with managing space in your garden. Instead of buying pots for your plants, use the old shoes! It is this simple, and very creative. The tips to making your own planter are very simple. The show must of course have an open top, if your old shoes do not have it, perhaps you can make them open.

Then you most certainly need some soil, seeds and of course what plant would not live without: water! Some people also add fertilizers, but it is certainly not a requirement. It does not really matter what kind of old shoes are you about to use: crocs, boots or perhaps pink high heels – all of it would fit it. Make sure that your old shoes look presentable enough for your garden.

Old shoe planters are easy and fast to do, they are creative and fun. Kids can find a great deal of fun in making their own planters. So if you are not yet convinced on using old shoes as planters,

check out some hip shoe planters:

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