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Designs Made From Recycled Materials

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Recycling materials into product designs is a great new way designers practice their sustainable approach to design. There are many studios and independent designers right now who concentrate on creating sustainable eco-friendly products from used plastic bottles to cardboard to everyday objects that get discarded once they expire.

Designs Made From Recycled Materials

This approach gives useless junk that litters the planet second life and sometimes a whole other purpose. For instance, a studio China Design Hub takes old adverising banners and makes bright lamps out of them. The Deckstool use old broken skateboards to create their furniture.

The list goes on and almost any thing can be recycled and become a part of a whole new object, design, product, or an art installation. We’ve seen art objects made of cans, old computers, and other kinds of junk.

You can too recycle old things by starting a DIY project redesigning, repurposing and redecorating. Think old suitcases for tables and seats, old pallets and crates for storage boxes and beds, old chairs for shelves and hangers.

Recycled Designs

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