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Top 5 Home Fitness Equipment Desings & Concepts

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Gym equipment can be difficult to fit into a stylish decor. The only solution is to hide all the machinery, it seems. There more and more stylish fitness equipment desings and concepts nowadays that aren’t only functional and aesthetically pleasing but often also sleek and space-conscious.

Stylish Fitness Equipment Desings & Concepts

Top 5 Home Fitness Equipment Desings & Concepts

Personal Recline is a recumbent bike for cardio workout. Made of glass and aluminum finishes this elegant piece of equipment is a luxurious lot designed for use in homes as well as in tourist locations. With 140 cm in length 137 cm in height and 62 cm in depth Personal Recline can also be fit in small spaces.

Top 5 Home Fitness Equipment Desings & Concepts

Vela Cycle Trainer is a design concept by Lunar that sees a bike in a sleekest and most stylish shape that looks more like a sculpture than a workout equipment. But that was the goal – to transform the look of a heavy bulky piece of equipment into something aesthetic and decor-conscious.

Top 5 Home Fitness Equipment Desings & Concepts

Designed with three functions in one machine this design concept by Michel Imbert is a dream for gym enthusiasts. The 3to1 Sports Equipment concept includes the bike, eliptical and a rower in one sleek and rounded machine that can easily fit into a modern home.

Top 5 Home Fitness Equipment Desings & Concepts

Xfit from Tumidei turns from a sleek-looking wardrobe into an unexpected mini gym with a treadmill, mirrors, TV/DVD/CD player, and a couple of shelves for the water and towels. Oh, but it’s far from all. There are also four resistant bands for toning legs and arms as well as a flat bench.

Top 5 Home Fitness Equipment Desings & Concepts

The Home Fitness set of equipment designed by Lucie Koldová looks simple and yet stylish without taking much space. It is made for stretching and light exercising. The rectangular trainer is equipped with the handles for exercising.

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