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Top 5 Hi Tech Workstation Designs & Concepts

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So we’ve talked about compact home offices and luxurious home offices today we’d like to share some hi tech workstations. Such highly technological workstations certainly have their advantages. Their are made with careful consideration of ergonomics as well as equipped with cool features like air filtration and various other systems. But the price can be a huge downside.

Hi Tech Workstations

iClubby Workstation

Top 10 Hi Tech Workstation Designs & Concepts

iClubby workstation from Gravitonus is a comfortable workstation designed in genuine Bentley leather and equipped with a 5.8-inch LED touch screen, hi-end speakers as well as can be customized to have triple displays mounts, different upholstery and many other features.

Coffee Office Workstation

Top 10 Hi Tech Workstation Designs & Concepts

Equipped with a touchscreen computer and a special niche for a coffee cup Lucas Vieira’s Coffee Office Workstation is a tubular workstation that has also a desk space and is compact and space-saving.

The Vision One Computer Desk

Top 10 Hi Tech Workstation Designs & Concepts

The Vision One Computer Desk is not exactly a workstation, or better yet it’s not only a workstation but also a gaming station that can be used for various kinds of games and jobs. It is also equipped with 2.1 speaker and a subwoofer and costs around $1,700.


Top 10 Hi Tech Workstation Designs & Concepts

Walkstation has the same concept of the GO! chair – work while working out. Equipped with an adjustable working space this workstation also features a low-speed treadmill to keep you fit and healthy even while you’re working.

Emperor 200

Top 10 Hi Tech Workstation Designs & Concepts

Emperor 200 workstation from our post on hi tech chairs is an uber stylish and expensive design equipped with a touch-screen control center  and a triple LED screen as well as an air filtration system, light therapy and an electric-powered leather seat. Price: $44,750.

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