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Tempescope Imitates Present or Future Weather Inside Plastic Box

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Imagine watching weather change in miniature. Yeah weather apps and news on TV are informative but they aren’t exactly tangible. Charts, maps, and signs are great to indicate certain types of weather but seeing real weather change is something entirely different. 

Tempescope is an exciting new gadget designed by Ken Kawamoto that imitates present or future weather conditions inside a clear plasic box equipped with pumps, condensers, and fans that help it mimic the weather. As opposed to a regular weather app Tempescope shows you the tangible weather changes in forms of rain and fog within its rectangular shaped body. It also uses LED lights to indicate daytime.

Tempescope Shows Weather As It Is


Fog inside Tempescope

The Tempescope can be programmed to show present or future weather. Water inside the box is condensed at the top to create an effect of rain. Using ultrasonics it can generate fog and LED lights also act as lightning. The device uses an app and Internet connection to get the weather updates and data.

Tempescope is surely a creative way to present and predict weather but it can also be a great addition to your modern interior. A stylish rectangle has a high tech look and can be displayed on a coffeee table or a shelf. Though it’s not yet available for sale, you can sign up for updates from developers who are currently preparing to crowdfund the project. You can also follow Ken Kawamoto on twitter to receive the latest updates about Tempescope.

Watch Tempescope in action:



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